Training programs are offered to your company to assist you in maximizing your decisions.

Education = information to give you a “blueprint” to make effective decisions:

  • Where to concentrate your resources
  • Who are the retailers and where to start?  Some retailers can take up to 6 months before you obtain an appointment
  • Demographics – who is your target demographic for your product
  • Market Intel – who is your competition?  What is your competitive advantage?
  • Partners – who will you need to partner with – brokers, distributors to get your product to market?

Why education?

Before entering the U.S market, companies need to understand the “retail landscape.”  IRI data collects scan data from 8 geographical regions.

  • What are these regions
  • Cost of data
  • Category review to category buyer/manager

Provides understanding and where to allocate your resources – time and funds.

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