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Opinion: fruit market dependency on Southern Hemisphere’s variable weather

As international trade in fruits and vegetables expands, consumers are benefiting from a wider variety of produce to choose from and year-round-supply due to increased trade between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Among all the agricultural sectors, fruit and vegetable trade has expanded at a higher rate than other agricultural commodities, according to USDA statistics […]


South American exports meet U.S. food safety ‘gold standard’

Christopher Columbus put South America on the fruit export map in the 1400’s with the introduction of pineapples to Spain, while in the 19th century the continent’s first avocadoes were introduced in the U.S. Fast forward to 2011 and South America continues to play an important role in supplying the world, particularly the U.S., with […]


Summer Citrus is a Sweet Part of the Mix

As I have been conducting pre-season planning for summer import citrus, I noted in The Packer the trending growth of this category.

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